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Worry Less - Dance More

I was born with the musical gene. My parents were both musicians with heart and soul. I look back fondly on my seventh birthday. Even then, I tried my hand at being a DJ. I mixed songs with 2 cassette decks, my friends loved it. And a fire is kindled in me. This fire burns in me to this day, more pronounced than ever before! My musical hearing and sense of rhythm became more and more professional and mature. It was only a logical consequence, and actually only a matter of time, that at some point I have to get people to dance and celebrate! I started small and learned everything from scratch. I had very good teachers for many things. I taught myself another part. I never wanted to imitate anyone. From the beginning I wanted to go my own way and develop my own style. A style that I'm happy with, that I can identify with. My style that gives me goosebumps when I put on beats, not when I count the money after the act. That was always secondary to me. So I started to DJ in various bars. I went to Christmas parties, New Year's Eve parties, birthdays, and German, Turkish and international weddings. I took every sporting and corporate event with me. I wanted to gain as much experience as possible. Because only in practice will you be good. I never wanted to be a bullshit who theoretically knew everything, but practically not even made a retirement home with Roberto Blanko's “A little bit of fun must be” shake. I learned, and still stayed on the carpet. I still love celebrating birthday packs in the Schrebergartenvereinsheim as much as I do the hottest clubs in Berlin, Munich and London. As a grateful child from the capital, I know where I come from and where my roots are. On my way to the metropolises of this world, I will never forget the people and stations that have shaped me and my music for almost three decades. So don't be shy, no party is too big or too small for me! I'm a DJ through and through. Wherever I can make music, I'll be there!




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